7.4. AllComponentValues

AllComponentValues        Generation of the list of all the rules for a given ValID, taking the different configurations into account

Generating all value rules

We have just described an easy way to generate all the rules for a ValID which consisted on only one index configuration. But as we saw before, a single ComponentArray will not generate all the independent rules for a ValID with several index configurations. One such case was the ValID for T_ (ab) and T_ (ba). The following command (which only works for tensors and not for derivatives as we shall see in Section 7.4.) applies ComponentArray as many times as necessary in order to generate all the rules.


values = Table[Random[Integer, {0, 5}], {3}, {3}]


{{0, 2, 3}, {4, 3, 0}, {0, 2, 1}}


ColumnForm/@ AllComponentValues[T[-{a, polar}, -{b, cartesian}], values]


We turn the messages back on:


$CVVerbose = True ;

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