tries to simplify expr as much as possible, taking Bianchi identities into account and sorting covariant derivatives.
only simplifies curvature tensors of the metric g.
  • FullSimplification only takes the contracted Bianchi identities given by CurvatureRelationsBianchi into account, not all Bianchi identities.
  • FullSimplification also uses to power of the Invar package to simplify scalar invariants of Ricci and and Riemann tensors.
  • Other curvature tensors such as the Weyl tensor must first be converted to Riemann and Ricci tensors.
  • The Invar database must be installed in order for FullSimplification to work correctly. It can be downloaded from http://www.xact.es/Invar/.
  • The following options can be given:
SortCovDsTruewhether or not to sort covariant derivatives while simplifying