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Harmonics: Tensor spherical harmonics in Mathematica.

Authors: D. Brizuela, J. M. Martín-García and G. A. Mena Marugán, © 2006-2020 under GPL.


This is a package for manipulation of SU(2) tensor spherial harmonics with an arbitary number of indices. It has been developed during the course of the investigation ``Second and higher-order perturbations of a spherical spacetime'', by David Brizuela, José M. Martín-García and Guillermo A. Mena Marugán, Phys. Rev. D 74 (2006), 044039, gr-qc/0607025.

Download and installation

Current version: 0.7.2 (as of 15 February 2014). It is recommended to download the main xAct bundle, but you can also download the different files separately:

This package runs on top of the xAct packages for tensor computations in Mathematica. See the installation notes.