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This is a list of articles and theses acknowledging the use of the xAct packages. If you have used the system and your document is not mentioned here, please let me know.

Articles on xAct packages

  1. arXiv:0704.1756 [cs.SC]: J. M. Martín-García, R. Portugal, L. Manssur, The Invar tensor package, Comp. Phys. Commun. 177 (2007) 640-648.
  2. arXiv:0802.1274 [cs.SC]: J. M. Martín-García, D. Yllanes, R. Portugal, The Invar tensor package: differential invariants of Riemann, Comp. Phys. Commun. 179 (2008) 586-590.
  3. arXiv:0803.0862 [cs.SC]: J. M. Martín-García, xPerm: fast index canonicalization for tensor computer algebra, Comp. Phys. Commun. 179 (2008) 597-603.
  4. arXiv:0807.0824 [gr-qc]: D. Brizuela, J. M. Martín-García, G. A. Mena Marugán, xPert: computer algebra for metric perturbation theory, Gen. Rel. Grav. 41 (2009) 2415--2431.
  5. arXiv:1110.2662 [gr-qc]: A. García-Parrado, J. M. Martín-García, Spinors: a Mathematica package for doing spinor calculus in General Relativity, Comp. Phys. Commun. 183 (2012) 2214--2225.
  6. arXiv:1302.6174 [astro-ph]: C. Pitrou, X. Roy, O. Umeh, xPand: an algorithm for perturbing homogeneous cosmologies.
  7. arXiv:1308.3493 [cs.SC]: T. Nutma, xTras: a field-theory inspired xAct package for Mathematica.
  8. arXiv:1705.06309 [gr-qc]: M. Levi, J. Steinhoff, EFTofPNG: a package for high precision computation with the Effective Field Theory of Post-Newtonian Gravity.
  9. arXiv:1904.10464 [cs.SC]: F. Torsello, bimEX: a Mathematica package for exact computations in 3+1 bimetric relativity.
  10. arXiv:2008.12422 [hep-th]: M. B. Fröb, FieldsX: an extension package for the xAct tensor computer algebra suite to include fermions, gauge fields and BRST cohomology.
  11. arXiv:2012.14984 [gr-qc]: M. Hohmann, xPPN: An implementation of the parametrized post-Newtonian formalism using xAct for Mathematica.
  12. arXiv:2206.00658 [gr-qc]: W. E. V. Barker, Supercomputers against strong coupling in gravity with curvature and torsion.
  13. arXiv:2210.02423 [gr-qc]: S. Aksteiner, T. Bäckdahl, A space-time calculus based on symmetric 2-spinors.

Articles with xAct

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Theses using xAct

[through 2016]
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