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TexAct: Tex code to format xAct expressions

Authors: Thomas Bäckdahl, José M. Martín-García and Barry Wardell, © 2008-2021 under GPL


The TexAct package produces nice TeX code for tensor expressions. For any given tensor expression, the command TexPrint produces a single string with tensors, indices, derivatives, etc formatted as you would write them in an article. A second command TexBreak allows breaking this string in various lines in a highly flexible way. From version 0.3.3 this function can also make line-breaks according to the lengths of the actual typeset expressions. Lists of equations can be typeset with automatic line breaking and alignment. Also new in version 0.3.3 is TexView that can typeset and display expressions with just one function call. Formatting of any new expression can be easily added by defining the corresponding TeX format. Currently TexAct can format everything in the xTensor and SymManipulator packages, and will be extended in the future to format objects in other packages.

See TexAct.History.

Download and installation

Current version: 0.4.3 (as of 28 October 2021). It is recommended to download the main xAct bundle, but you can also download the different files separately:

See the Installation notes.